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Karnataka: +91 80 4117 2964
Tamil Nadu: +91 93 8404 4466
Kerala: +91 74 1134 9184
Karnataka: +91 80 4117 2964
Tamil Nadu: +91 93 8404 4466
Kerala: +91 74 1134 9184
Karnataka: +91 80 4117 2964
Tamil Nadu: +91 93 8404 4466
Kerala: +91 74 1134 9184

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Terms, Conditions, Cancellation and Refund Policy of this Order/Contract


  1. Rodent Management Service (RMS): Covers Rats, Mice and Bandicoots only. The customer is required to:
  • Ensure that the bait stations/trap boxes are not disturbed from their original positions and waste is not thrown into them.
  • Ensure that children/pets etc are kept away from baits/traps.


  1. Cockroach Management Service (CMS): Covers German and American cockroaches in particular.


  1. General Pest Control Service (GPC): Covers Cockroaches, Silverfish and Ants (red and Black)


  1. Anti Termite Treatment (ATT): Covers Subterranean Termites only. The customer is required to:
  • Keep all their electronic and electrical gadgets, valuables and breakable articles away in safe custody.
  • Provide Electricity, water and ladder (if required) for carrying out the treatment.
  • Keep ventilation open before and during the treatment.
  • In Advance, shift all movable furniture at least 2 feet away from the walls.
  • Ensure availability of electricians for any treatment in junction boxes and concealed wirings to prevent short circuits/accidents.
  • Ensure presence of a plumber in case of concealed plumbing.
  • Ensure presence of Carpenters in case of fixed structures on wall.


  1. Mosquito Management Service (MMS): The customer is required to allow IRS (Indoor Residual Spray) and ORS (Outdoor Residual Spray) along with light management and other physical methods as suggested by the company.


  1. Wood Borer Treatment (WBT): Customer to provide easy access to all affected areas. Customer to leave all the symptoms (fallen powder) as such, prior to treatment for identification of affected areas.


  1. Bed Bug Treatment (BBT): Two treatments at an interval of 15 DAYS must be taken for complete effectiveness of BBT.
  • Customer is required to remove the items from areas like wardrobes, electrical switch boxes, bedside box etc, but should not be taken out to other rooms.
  • After treatment, the items are to be replaced by the customer and not by GingerBay Services.
  • Customer should arrange to wash all Linen and upholstery from the affected area, using hot water at 60 degrees Celsius for at least 20 minutes.
  1. Customer agrees to the instructions, terms and Conditions for services in addition to those mentioned above, as per the quotation letter (including Annexure, if any)


  1. A representative of the customer should be present during the pest management treatment to remove and shift all articles as necessary and the customer understands that GingerBay technicians have instructions not to handle the customer’s property to avoid any damages.


  1. This order-cum-contract is for the premises mentioned and it is neither transferable nor applicable to any extensions/additions or alterations in the original premises.


  1. GingerBay Services does not give any express or implied warranty or assurance on elimination or eradication of the pests.

In the event of recurrence of pests, in respect whereof this order-cum-contract is signed, during the period of this order-cum-contract, GingerBay Services shall be obliged to carry out the necessary pest management operation without incurring any liability or obligation for any inconvenience, loss, injury or damage that may be caused to the customer or   any occupant of, or visitor to, the premises or to any property of any such persons.


  1. GingerBay Services shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to the customer or any occupant or visitor to the premises or to any property of any such persons by reason of or as a consequence of the pest management operations and treatment carried out by GingerBay Services pursuant to this order-cum-contract. Ensuring the safety of all valuables in the customer premises is solely the customer’s responsibility.


  1. Service Tax/other statutory levies, if applicable, are included in the service charges and would be charged separately and payable by the customer if mentioned for specific services.


  1. Mode of Payment: Online payment or Cash On Delivery is accepted. Any Cheque payment if acceptable to Gingerbay personnel has to be made in favor of “GingerBay Services” only. Acknowledgement for cash payments received will be issued on the spot. Any bounced Cheque will be charged Rs 500/- and the charges will be accepted only in cash.
  2. The customer has understood his/her obligation to ensure that shelter, entry and food are denied to pests as far as possible and to maintain hygienic conditions in the premises.


  1. Interest @ 18% p.a shall be payable to GingerBay Services in the event of delay in payment over and above the payment terms mentioned above.


  1. This order-cum- contract is valid only if full payment, as per the agreed terms of payment, has been received by GingerBay Services.


  1. All material(s) and equipment kept by GingerBay Services in customer’s premises for carrying out/during service, remains the sole property of GingerBay Services and customer has no right over it/them whatsoever.


  1. In the event order-cum-contract is cancelled by either party or upon expiry, GingerBay Services will take back all equipment and other property such as bait stations etc. from the customer’s premises.


  1. In the event contract is cancelled by the customer before the agreed term, refund if any, would be made at the sole discretion of GingerBay Services.



Cancellation Policy:

  1. Our back office starts processing the service order as soon as we receive them and hence non cancellable after confirmation of a service. However, a customer could reschedule the service to another date within 24 hours from the booked service time.
  2. Customer may change the service type within 24 hours from the booked service time, so that our technicians is ready with appropriate equipment and chemicals to do the same. Customer is liable for any difference in the changed service cost.


Refund Policy:

  1. Our technicians put in their efforts and use consumables like chemicals and baits for service which cannot not be taken back or reversed and hence customer is not entitled to a refund after a service is complete.
Shipping and Delivery Policy:
  1. Shipping is not applicable for business.